PLan your work. work your plan.

I fell in love with topographic maps as a kid. My dad would unroll one almost every weekend on the kitchen table. We were either heading out on a hike with my Boy Scout troop or preparing to meet my Uncle John for a hunt. Topographic maps were fascinating to me. They were our bible. (They were the 'other' bible.)

For a family of woodsmen, it was simple: Though shall plan. Thou shall bring thy map & compass. Though shall not get lost. Ever.

I would end up using topographic maps (and compass) for the rest of my life. I became an Eagle Scout. I paddled the Canadian Boundary Waters. I backpacked the Rocky Mountains. I kayaked class IV-V rapids. I eventually became a camp counselor and taught orienteering in Maine. I trusted topographic maps - still do.

That's where it started for me. A family tradition built upon adventure and a plan to survive said adventure. These days my 'topo maps' as my dad called them, come in different forms: scripts, show bibles, character descriptions, production pipelines, budgets, etc.

Taste Test is the promise of an adventure filled with excitement, fun, respect, lollygaging, fear, hope and lots of celebration. 

Welcome to Taste Test. Let's go on an adventure. (I promise we'll be back by dinner!)